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This is straight epic. The storyline is so complex that it makes my head spin. I love how the characters develop throughout this video, and I love how deep their personalities are. Nobody in this film (can I call it that?) has black-and-white motives. You also handled topics of death and drug abuse in an extremely realistic manner. This is simply a masterpiece. However, I did take off one point due to it being a bit too long for NG. I think that you should write a novel, or a screenplay. If this flash is any indicator, you would write a modern marvel of literature.



This is the lowest rated flash on NG. In fact, this guy has made the 17 lowest rated flashes on NG. Damn. Illuminate is my hero.


Lowtax is going to punch Eric? Isn't he too busy getting knocked the fuck out by Uwe Boll?

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This would have been a fun game, but a few problems held it back. For one, the AI liked to bug out. Sometimes your squadmates will just lean against a wall, vibrating. The boss characters have way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much health. Killing them is one of the most tedious things I've ever done in a game. I'd rather grind skills in Runescape than fight those things. The part where there were two was the worst (round 20 something on arena mode. They killed all 5 (or 6) people in my squad, and I had shot them in the face with all of the ammo on the map, and neither of them had even lost their helmets. Unbelievable. It doesn't help that there are control issues. Often my character will be moving or shooting nearly ten seconds after I have let go of a key or stopped clicking the mouse. Also, they're just unresponsive in general, and your character often won't do anything when a key is pressed.


I'd like to see a multiplayer version of this. I also love all of the Fallout references (NCR, Bozar, G11).


I'm worth a nice 50$

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This is phenomenal, with the exception of one thing : that noise in the background. It gets quite obnoxious after a while. It's the one that sounds like a Squirtle laughing.

buyj3llo responds:

OMG, which sound? lol, it sounds like squirtle laughing??? which sound is that! HAHA, sorry dude. I would never intentionally put something that annoying in song. Thanks for the review.

Sounds like Aphex Twin if he made hip-hop, great stuff man.

buyj3llo responds:

"sounds like Aphex Twin" is the highest compliment that you can give someone making Electronic music.

The strings that come in at about 40 seconds in have to much treble/mid. Other than that I don't really see anything wrong with this.

Hello everybody, my name is LiNaK37 and I'm the best producer ever.

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